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 Maxie's big guide to become a good forumer

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PostSubject: Maxie's big guide to become a good forumer   Sat Mar 01, 2008 8:33 am

Maxie's big guide to become a good forumer

1. Look at the rules to see when they were last updated so you don't go out of date and break rules that you could do before .

2. always , like always , obay the rules

3. don't post once a month try to post in every topic possible , try to share stuff .

4. always read your post before you press send you may right this
hello; my / name is [ fred my e=mail is msxie~frozenfishbiz
okay do you get the point ??

5 . don't post stuff braging like exsample :
hey guesse when i have a gun and all you losers don't !!!
see it annoys ppl ....

6. you may not know what raceist means what it means is well
say the english and then say something bad about them
like english are as* hol*s then thats racist

7. ** are allowed you can go to fu** or **ck or anything that has at least half blocked out .

8. the rules apley for pms to you can report it to me if someone breaks the rules

9 . infractions are important and you will get them for disobaying the rules .
1 infraction = 1 infraction
2 infractions = 2 infractions
3 infractions = 3 infractions + 10 hour ban
4 infractions = 4 infractions + 40 hour ban
5 infractions = 5 infractions + permanet ban
the perma ban will get you a rank and your account will stay .
so if you do something really bad then you'll get a ip ban .
that will mean you can't even see the forums
you can wear off a infraction you still have chance of being a mod or admin .

10. in one week you should get to at least 5 posts
if you don't you may risk a infraction and if you
don't even log on for a week once you first joined then
you may risk a infraction week 1 and week 2 will get you a
delete but you can re - register.

11. read the forum annocements from time to time it'll help you keep up to date .

and well thats all .

I'll let you live Guest if you go to
the best cp cheats site ever!
I like to fly !

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Maxie's big guide to become a good forumer
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